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Thou shalt leave the club as thou hath found it.


1. Fencers are expected to show respect for other fencers, instructors, visitors, staff, facility and the rules of the sport.

2. Fencers are to respect the Club facility, Club property, and fencer personal property.

3. All fencers are expected to be generous, flexible, honest and of good will with one another.

4. When entering the Club make sure to place your equipment in a manner that does not impede walking paths or fencing strips. Keep your pile tidy as to not mix equipment with other fencers.

5. Be mindful of your body and location. Do not walk within range of a bout. Call halt when you need to approach or enter the ring. Do not walk within the ring or strip when it is in use, even when it feels safe to do so, without calling halt. DO NOT place your sword on your shoulder or swing it in a dangerous location. Be aware of your surroundings!

6. Keep all your equipment in proper form. Wear all required protective gear when fencing and participating in drills, to the instructor's discretion. All areas of the body must be covered when fencing, including legs.

7. Fencers utilizing the Club’s equipment are required to ensure it remains clean and in working condition. All Club equipment must remain on premises. Fencers must return their fencing equipment and apparel to their appropriate storage areas in an orderly fashion after each use. Please ensure that nothing is left out on the floor or benches, and to zip up and tidy loaner equipment bags when finished. Make sure to clean up the dummy, cones, weights, yoga mats, etc, when class is finished.

8. Fencers must be respectful when performing a drill with another student. Fencers must attempt within their ability to perform the drill properly and make no attempt to “game” it. There is no winning a drill. Give all fencers participating in the drill an opportunity to learn.

9. Be respectful and friendly while fencing. At the end of a bout, salute and shake your opponent’s hand with your non-weapon hand or “bump” hands or elbows if you are wearing heavy gloves.

10. Fencers must behave in a proper manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: No name calling or negative talk; no throwing Club or personal equipment; no cheating; no shaming another for their skill or fitness level. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic language is forbidden.

11. This is a full contact sport. Respect other fencers and do not mindfully strike them harder than needed. If you are suffer a minor injury make no attempt to "guilt" the other fencer. Even while taking extreme precautions, proper equipment, and mindful fencing, bruising is part of the sport!

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