While we do not require equipment for first few lessons, students should eventually purchase their own protective equipment. We have compiled a list of the suggested items to use in our classes. Because available equipment is always changing, we have compiled a Google Doc to keep a running list of recommended gear.

Read this before purchasing anything!

  • Do not be tempted to buy a sword first! It's not the first thing you need! We have plenty of loaner weapons, and you will be receiving your initial lessons in bâton.

  • Gear should be purchased in order of safety importance: mask and back of the head protector, gloves/gauntlets, neck protector, jacket, weapons.

  • Please wear sneakers and comfortable workout clothes to your first class.

  • If you have external genitalia, you must wear a cup; chest protectors are highly recommended for all students, regardless of gender.

  • When it comes to shoes, look for a pair that has soft soles and allows you to move quickly. You do not want a shoe with a thick sole that is not made for side to side motion, such as a typical running or basketball shoe. Consider purchasing fencing shoes, volleyball shoes, or indoor soccer shoes. Some popular ones are Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81, Adidas Sambas, Asics Gel Rocket, and the Adidas D'Artagnan,

  • Our club colors are WHITE (for jackets) and BLACK (for pants), though white fencing pants are also acceptable.



SPES Heavy gauntlets (for longsword)


Sparring Gloves (Mitten/Fechtschule Gdansk) (for longsword)


Neyman Trigger Gloves (for longsword)

$11 (Per glove. Order one for each hand!)

Absolute Standard 3-W Washable Glove (for rapier)

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Leon Paul HEMA Gorget


Absolute Force HEMA Deluxe Gorget

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SPES AP Jacket (for longsword)


SPES Officers Jacket (for rapier, sabre, etc. NOT LONGSWORD!)


"ARCEM" Black Armory Jacket

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Absolute HEMA Black Pants w/Extra Padding


SPES Locust pants

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Elbow, Knee, and Shins


SPES “Shell” Shin Protectors


SPES “Shell” Elbow Protectors


Absolute Force Elbow pads


Destroyer Modz Forearm protectors “Kool Beanz”


Neyman Bracers


Neyman Leg Guards

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Additional Protection


Absolute Chest Protector (Women's)


Absolute Chest Protector (Men's)


Purpleheart Liner (with Gel Inserts) for a Helmet or Fencing Mask


SPES Fingertip Protectors (for inserting into gloves)

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Castille Armory V5 Feder (Ask for the F3 blade, the F4 HEMA blade is too stiff)


Regenyei Standard Feder (with rolled tip)


Regenyei Short Feder (for those under 5'6", with rolled tip.)


VB Steel Feder Revision A

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Darkwood Economy Rapier


Castille basic rapier w/ standard quillion block and spatulated tip

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Castille Italian Dueling Sabre


Darkwood Italian Dueling Sabre

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